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Robin Bailey
P.O. Box 506
Roy, UT 84067

I'm Robin. I designed and built all this stuff. It just me here. If you have anything you need to talk about, there are several ways to do it.

My cell phone is (435)881-9831. Texts are the best way.

I will be the first to admit I have a poor responce time to emails typically. I do read most everything.

I like talking to my customers, but I don't often have the ability to talk on the phone during normal daytime hours due to work and such. If you text me, I can get in touch with you asap.

You can also use the form on this webpage.

Brutal Honesty: I know everything about my stuff. I am hard to get a hold of. I work hard on building parts and getting orders out. Orders do take longer with me when compared to CKRC who also carries some of our stuff. I typically take care of punkrc work on nights a couple times a week. I make sure everyone gets what they paid for. Typical orders arrive in 7-12 days.

-Robin Bailey
Punk RC, Founder

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