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Micro Lights - Rock Crawler Version


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The Micro Light Controller has 16 LED Channels (2x as the mini light controller) that simulate functions of lights on a Rock Crawler. Thses units come pre-programmed with many of the most popular functions.

Hookup and Calibration:
The Rock Crawler version of the Micro Light Controller plugs into your truck's receiver in Channel 1 and 2, then your ESC and Steering Servo plug into the unit.
The unit needs to have your Neutral Steering and ESC positions and the respective direction of each channel. This is done by turning on your TX and your RX and Micro Lights. Next, while leaving the TX set to your truck's settings and in all neutral positions, press the calibrate button once. Then steer right and give full forward throttle for a couple seconds. Now your unit is calibrated. MORE DETAILS ON OUT YOUTUBE VIDEO BELOW.

LED Functions:
Driving - Always ON, until parked for 20 seconds.
Brake - Turned ON when slowing or in neutral position. OFF when accelerating.
Reverse - Turned ON when moving in reverse.
Strobe A & B - Flash alternating like police lights.
Auxiliary Lights L/R - Manually Toggled ON and OFF by holding neutral throttle and steering left/right for 3 seconds.

Mini Light Controller Hookup Chart

LED Pinouts:
(Port) Function - Description
(1) Driving - Head lights
(2) Driving - Head lights
(3) Driving - Head lights
(4) Driving - Head lights
(5) Strobe A
(6) Strobe B
(7) Auxiliary Right
(8) Auxiliary Left
(9) Auxiliary Right
(10) Auxiliary Left
(11) Reverse
(12) Reverse
(13) Brake
(14) Brake
(15) Driving - Tail lights
(16) Driving - Tail lights

LED Hookup:
See the hookup chart link above.
Wire each led the the Micro Light Controller with Positive Lead on the Top and Negative Lead on the Bottom. You may solder to the unit pins, or use wire plugs.

Technical Specs:
Servo Wires: 2 Male and 2 Female
LED Ports: 16 LED Ports
Size: 1.5" x 1.0"
Weight: TBA

Micro Lights Functions and Hookup Video
Overview of the Micro Light Controller (NOT THE ROCK CRAWLER VERSION)

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