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Dig Switch 3D (3rd Channel)


Dig Switch 3D for 3 Channel Systems

Can be purchased on AMAZON.

This Unit Requires a spare channel For 2Ch systems, see the Dig Switch 3D for 2 Channel Systems. WE RECOMMEND: Use the 2CH Dig Switch if your system does not have a spare channel

The Punk RC's Patent Pending Dig Switch is currently THESE ARE SHIPPING WITHIN 1-3 DAYS (updated 09-14-14).

The PunkRC Dig Switch is the easiest and more reliable way to add Dig to your MOA (Motors on Axles) truck.

The NEW Dig Switch 3D.
The 3D version is almost exactly like the 2+, except it can take Deans Ultra Plugs Connectors soldered right onto the unit.
The new 3D version is much like the original, but more reliable and powerful.
Higher current connectors to prevent burning out the circuit board if you arc a motor.
Run one motor shorting and the other freewheeling.
More Robust circuit design prevents higher receiver signals from burning out the unit.

The Dig Switch adds Dig Steering to Any Dual Motor Truck. When the Dig is turned on, it will cut power to the appropriate motor. When power is cut to a motor, the motor is SHORTED. This helps the motor lock into place. If you want a motor to freewheel instead of lock, desolder either bead of solder, marked with a "^" above the work "Dig" or "Switch" for Motor1 or Motor2 respectively

The Punk RC Dig Switch also features Surge Absorbers to protect burning of switch terminals. This problem leads to shortened life in many Servo Actuated "Dig-a-ma-jig" Dig Switches.

TX Position | LED | Function
Left | Red | Motor #1 Off
Center | Green | Both Motors On
Right | Blue | Motor #2 Off

Technical Specs:
Size: 1.9"L x 1.0"W x 0.9"H
Power Source: Radio RX
Power Draw: 30-100mA (similar to mini servo)
RX Voltage: 4.8V - 6.5V Receivers
Motor Capacity: Any
Contact Protection: Arc Supressors
Switch Rating: 12Amps @ 35V (each motor)
Water Resistant Electronics (can run underwater)


1 - Plug the Dig Switch Servo Wire into Receiver's Spare Channel (Usually #3)
2 - Solder both Wires from the ESC into the Center Pair of Contacts labeled ESC
3 - Solder both Wires going to Motor #1 (usually Front) to the Outside Contacts labeled Motor #1. Motor #1 may freewheel by de-soldering tab above "DIG" on 2+ Units
4 - Solder both Wires going to Motor #2 (usually Rear) to the Outside Contacts labeled Motor #2
5 - Trim TX Channel to Center with normal Endpoints

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Dig Switch Test Drive Video.
This Video is of our production model. Shows the Use and Need of Dig Steering.

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